Want To Be A Tech Blogger? Add These Points To Your New Year Resolutions!

What does “tech blogger” actually mean? A tech blogger is typically someone who reviews tech gadgets or posts tech news directly from flagship events or ceremonies launching. They’re breaking big news and interviewing live.

This type of blogging is rare in Pakistan as most tech blogs target international news and don’t report directly. However, this trend is changing as some blogs are focusing on technology news in Pakistan, including TechJuice.

In addition, in the past year, we saw a number of events where bloggers not only attended tech conferences, but also recorded them live. The time to be a tech blogger in Pakistan can’t be more right than it already is.

Here’s what I’ve learned from my one-year tech blogger experience. Those points often apply to anyone who simply wants to be a blogger.

Just do it!

The year 2014 began with me going through a bad breakup of stochastic systems (the topic never really understood me!) and spending semester break watching Paul Walker’s every film. As we all know, the inner conscious kicks in at some point of constantly wasting time, and it also happened to me. That’s when I decided to try everything I’ve ever wanted to do and find out what’s going to work for me. Blogging was from the list one of the “To-Dos.”

I’ve learned the rule is simple–”do things and figure things out,” so you’ll know if it’s what you really want or not. This is better than not knowing anything about it and living your whole life with regret. You should note, however, that you don’t impose a certain interest on yourself or that you don’t do it for cash. Successful individuals are usually very specific about their interests and retain the ultimate goal when making decisions.

Writing for a local student blog or starting your own personal blog on blogpost or WordPress will be a good start for newbie bloggers. If you’re one of those people who can’t stop their mind from thinking constantly, then you’re also likely a good writer. All you have to do is put on the paper those endless thoughts.

P.S. I passed the subject, of course.

Don’t Compromise On Grammar!

At the very least, you should be qualified in basic English grammar. Personally, I think you can only come up with hands-on beautifully constructed sentences, but if you don’t know if it should be “they are” or “they are,” then you can face real trouble.

My personal favorite Grammar book has always been Wren & Martin’s “High School English Grammar and Composition.” The book deals with all the rules of grammar in a very detailed and easy way.

You can also develop your writing skills by reading books or listening to English programs like BBC podcasts or News. This will not only improve your reading, it will also enhance your ability to listen and communicate. You should also listen to tech channels on YouTube while they review devices or live stream events. It will enhance your knowledge of various gadgets and provide you with ways to address tech articles.

Get feedback from an honest friend!

Once the grammar has been mastered and your first article has been written. You should have a close friend or educator read it. It’s very important to give an honest opinion about your writing to your friend so you can better it. You should strongly take criticism after that, but don’t blur the line between an honest opinion and leg-pulling.

Read different mediums!

If you’d like to be a tech blogger, read articles, books, research papers, magazines, etc. Reading from various sources may lead to better insight and increased knowledge.

One way you can keep up with tech news is before or after breakfast to read articles on your smartphone or laptop. I personally use Flipboard which, in addition to the categorized magazines already available, can pull up articles related to any word I type in. You can also read on the way to work when, of course, you’re not driving the car.

Another way to be aware of tech news is to make lists and track their status updates on Facebook with your personal favorite sites.

Personalize content!

If you are still reading this article, it is likely that I have fulfilled my task of customizing the content. Making your own content helps to capture the attention of the reader from the outset. There are few different ways to do this, such as getting a similar personal experience, life experience, or something you watched on TV or in movies and then adding it to your content. It makes reading the material more enjoyable and the reader feels like part of the article. In addition, if the writer has experienced it, the content will look more authentic. Mostly this suggestion applies to opinion-based articles, if you have to break a news, things are different.

The news articles are straight to the types of business; write in the first paragraph the main highlight of the news, then go to the important details and finally mention the unimportant stuff.

“Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.”

This is everyone’s most important suggestion. Also, when we see other people doing the same thing, natural human instinct is to make comparisons. However, if it is based on your first attempt while the other person probably had years of experience, this analogy may be inaccurate. Trust me, in their first attempt, the other person just came up with a crappy article, but they learned the trade over the years. Learn from their writing style and change yours accordingly instead of contrasting and feeling bad about it.

Until I sign off, I must add that by applying to the TechJuice Ambassadorship Program you can also kick off your tech blogger career. For now, the program is available to Lahore university students, but it will soon be coming to other Pakistan universities. Remain tuned!

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