Top three platforms you can use to create your first blog

Blogging is one of those online businesses that you can do during your free time or without having to leave your current job. We had explored earlier that if bloggers have an adequate audience and a good monetization network, they can easily earn a beautiful side income. We’re going to suggest three networks today in Quick Tips where you can easily set up your first blog and start publishing articles on the web:


WordPress is a free, open source content management platform that accounts for 27.5% of the entire web. The center is PHP and MySQL, so it’s incredibly scalable, and a massive community supports it, which frequently releases plugins and updates to enhance the system. You don’t need any code knowledge, just sign up with one of their hosting providers, choose a theme, and you’re done. We have a tutorial that can help you in 5 minutes to launch your WordPress blog.

2. Blogger

Hosted with no strings attached by Google. You just need to purchase a domain and use Blogger to add it, and you’re good to go. Blogger’s center is XHTML and Python, with pre-built models and hundreds of other online tutorials on how to install them on the website. To optimize your blog search engine, you’ll have to make some tweaks here and there, but it’s definitely doable.


Medium is the best storyteller medium and it has recently begun to compensate its authors on the basis of how many readers like their material. It has a minimalist design that removes clutter and ads across the entire platform so you can focus on creating content. Medium has more than 100 million annual users, and if you just want to stick to storytelling without thinking about website maintenance, it’s an ideal platform.

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