Top three online businesses you can do without leaving your current job

According to Punjab IT Chairman, Umar Saif, freelancers from Pakistan collectively earned over $1 trillion in revenue in 2017. Given inflation, family management and savings are becoming increasingly difficult for people. Today, we’re going to look at three online companies that are easy to start with and can be profitable in the long run:

1. Creating Videos on Youtube

According to PennaPowers, an average YouTuber receives around $10 per 1,000 views on videos. If you have good communication skills and you are interested in a particular subject, why not make a video about it. Since it is less taxing, the human mind processes videos about 60,000 times faster than text. Online marketers use it to make their ads successful because they have a wide range of opportunities. To kick off your first YouTube Channel, there are only three things you need: a video editing software and a smartphone. That’s it.

Take famous personalities like ZaidAliT, Furqan Shayk or Casey Neistat if you’re looking for inspiration. You can look at our YouTube channel for ideas about your first video to be inspired by technology.

2. E-Commerce Retailers

At the World Economic Forum earlier this year, eBay’s CEO referred to Pakistan as the fastest growing e-commerce market. If you want to sell your products online, all you need is a Facebook page. You simply need to upload your brand picture and provide your phone number to allow the customer to position their order. By posting your message, you can also ask them to place the order.

3. Blogging

According to Lifehacker, a vast majority of blogs earn around $3.5 a day on average. Approximately 33% of marketers find blogging to be the most important form of content marketing and the best way to acquire a customer. If you believe in your writing skills and consider yourself to be fairly experienced with a subject, then start a blog about it. WordPress and Blogger are two of the many available free sites that can help you set up your first blog. Our editor-in-chief, Fatima, has pointed out seven reasons why you should launch your blog now.

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