Blogging Can Help You Earn While You Have Fun

All of us have favorite hobbies and we all believe in making them our dreams career. Who doesn’t like having fun while earning? For this, blogging provides an easy way. A Telegraph research has shown that fashion bloggers have earned an average of $1400 each year from affiliate marketing alone in 2014. Just imagine if Pakistani women began checking Khaadi and Sana Safinaz products.

With the set tone, here are some blogging categories that can help you make a living while you enjoy:

1. Food and Cooking

Some 91 per cent trust online outlets to find a recipe from a BlogHer study. Pinch of Yum is an existing food blog that grew from $21 to $66,000 a month, which was ridiculously low.

Yummy’s Facebook page is very popular because of fast one-minute tutorials about brownies or cheesy garlic bread, etc. You could begin in the same way.

Food is probably one of internet’s largest and hottest subjects. Ask yourself, you’d searched for the Shahi Tukray recipe online or figure out how to make the perfect milkshakes. For those who like to cook and wish to share their secret cooking recipes with others on the Internet, this is a hugely recommended area.

2. Fashion

The trick to earning money from Fashion Blogging is to have your own designer’s own signing line and fashion range which they tell their audience. This is one of the easiest ways to gain from advertising partners. Bloggers in fashion can gain over $1million in Who What Wear revenue.

According to the CEO of ChenOne, Pakistan has 100 established designer brands and 200 smaller ones. This is a great market for women to comment on new clothing in stores, and to recommend best suits for weddings and other occasions. There’s enormous shortage of style blogs in Pakistan, and you are in the right direction when you talk about mode and blogging.

3. Fitness and Sports

Henry Croft quit his 9-5 job at GymTalk, which in the first year produced a turnover of $15,000. Instagram’s bloggers, including him, post your everyday fitness routines. Video tutorials are also shared by fitness bloggers. Sometimes we are keen to put on and hit the road in our running shoes. Online guests search for inspiration and fitness routines to restore their bodies.

In a recent series, you can also blog about cricket and share your thoughts on Pakistan’s results. During the World Cup, it is particularly viral so that you can attract a lot of reading and thus earn money. Likewise, other sports may be covered.

4. Travel

According to Business Insider, Jarryd Salem and Alesha Bradford are owners of NOMADasaurus, who flew all over the world for between $2,000 and $6,000 a month. Their main success is pictures and Instagram has about 55.000 followers. We seek referrals from hotels and travel insurance agencies which are between $100 and $1,000.

You probably will earn more money than you paid for your recent trip to Murree. There are many famous writers online who fly to various parts of the world just to write and tell their readers about them. Get a good camera and start your Instagram photo blog directly. Do you refuse to accept that if a five-star hotel asks you to sleep at? Naturally, not.

5. Entertainment

A Facebook page is the easiest way of getting into the entertainment niche. On Facebook, you can post jokes and make funny videos for a fan to follow. If your audience is sufficient, you will get sponsored to endorse and promote its products by some top companies like Sprite and This model is made by Furqan Shayk, Bekaar Vines and others.

Write a review of the latest film you watched at the theater if you are a filmmaker as your friends will die to know your rating. You will write about the latest book, if you are a voracious reader, which will not only boost your knowledge but will also enhance your abilities as a writer. Reading is a fundamental part of vocabulary growth.

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