5 websites to make money online as a freelancer

Would you like to get the freedom to work without the stress of being supervised from the comfort of your home? Would you like to work flexibly? Would you like to save your time and fuel to drive to your office?
Okay, if the answer to these questions is yes, then it’s for you to freelance.
You must first identify your expertise in an area, then set up an account for freelancers on a website.

Here are five websites that can help you as a freelancer make money online.


Upwork currently has 12 million registered freelancers. Here on this website you can sell any professional skill. The number of registered customers is five million. Upwork helps clients on their own website to recruit, hire, and then work with freelancers. There is a timeline software for monitoring time by taking freelancers screenshots while working. It has a real-time chat app to accelerate the process of seeking freelancers. Three million workers are posted on this website every year. You need to create a profile to get started and then find a job you want. Send your suggestion.


I didn’t find a freelancer who doesn’t care about Fiverr. Fiverr is the world’s leading networking site for freelancers. It begins at $5 per job. Fiverr is one of America’s top 100 most popular websites. On this website you can offer any product. For example, gigs like social media services or drawings can be offered.


Guru operates by giving freelancers commissioned work. Build your profile and apply quotes for open job opportunities. Employers are going to review your offer and then recruit you. So, make sure a compelling quote is submitted. You can choose to be paid on an hourly basis and you can also divide your job into milestones and set compensation for each milestone. If you choose the regular payment method then you choose to pay daily or monthly or quarterly. You can choose to pay for each job as well. You’ll have to pay services that pay invoices on their own or via Guru’s Secure pay option that’s proven to be cheaper.

99 Designs:

This website is a special designer forum. Clients crowd-source their projects and set a budget instead of browsing through the portfolios and resumes. We send the project instructions. The project brief was read by freelance designers and submit their design. The customer takes a week to select the best design and gets paid for the designer whose design is selected.
This really creates a sense of competition and helps to improve their imagination by a designer job.


This platform is for you if you have SEO, web design and software engineering expertise. The site includes a tool called WorkStream. This platform organizes all in one place transaction, correspondence and management and helps optimize the business side of your job. Once you sign up for a premium plan, you are allowed to send up to 15 job proposals. You can find jobs by searching, and you can also get new opportunities email notifications.

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