20 Online ways to earn money from your home’s comfort

It can be unpredictable for the economy. In a bad economy, both having a reliable job or an established business can have their downs. But there is always a way to earn money through a second source when you face an unexpected turn of events. Then there are situations where with a single job you are unable to afford a stable and secure financial life. Getting a part-time income opportunity or making money online from the comfort of your home is a great proposition in an economy like today, particularly in Pakistan.

Whether you don’t have a job these days, or you’re a housewife who can’t go out and earn money for her parents, or you can be a worker wanting an internship or just a student who wants to pay for an education. For some, earning money online can be tantamount to filling up the financial gaps or the career to be in for someone like me to have an online job.

Pakistan is ranked as one of the world’s cheapest labor with a population capable of speaking English. India is also on the list. Businesses in the U.S., UK, Australia, and Canada are recruiting fresh graduates for call center positions and searching for experienced professionals willing to set up a small business.

What you need to get started

  • Much patience. Earning income online is simple, but sometimes it can be difficult to earn a good amount of money. It can be really good for a few months, and some can be fine.
  • You need to have some software and internet know-how. If you do not have the basic knowledge to operate a computer or how the internet works, you can not have a stable online earning source.
  • At least at a basic level, you have to understand English. It’s always a bonus to have English communication skills.
  • Consistency and complexity. Online earning can be easy, but it requires consistency in work and an attitude that cries hard work to maintain the financial flow.

Ways to earn money online

For the last 5 years, I’ve been in this business. I had my highs, lows, scammers, some minor losses, and sometimes I had amazing online work experiences. I’m sharing a list of ways to make money online from home that can be useful. I’ve tried most of these forms or seen my friends make money from them. These can be very beneficial for Pakistani students if they and their studies want to make part-time or full-time careers out of them. I’ve sequenced online jobs from basic to professional level.

1. Blogging: First of all! What’s the most passionate about you? Never start a blog that you may lose interest later on. To order to start your own blog, you need excellent English communication skills. It may be a blog related to news, or a review of product / service, or a blog of celebrities. Post work, amusing pictures / videos, write about the latest trends or changes in technology. The selling point is that you post about good ideas. Stay out of plagiarism. Take inspiration from other sites, but don’t copy content. To place ads on your blog and start earning, use Google AdSense or InfoLinks. Don’t panic and wait for 3-4 months until the visitor volume increases to over 1000 per day. You can check our complete guide on how to set up a WordPress blog with almost no effort once you reach your goal. As described in the blog, if you use our coupon code ‘ TECHJUICE25 ‘ on checkout, you can get 25% off on your hosting package on Hostgator.

2. Earn by Data Entry: Data entry is considered one of the greatest skills online you may need to earn money. It is also listed in terms of the volume of projects as the top most jobs available online. It’s all about typing and in order to get the job done you may need some basic English and computer skills. Jobs for data entry take a great deal of your time. Freelancer, Elance and Upwork (formerly Odesk) may be some reliable sources.

3. Become a member of market research groups: market research is like an advertising agency’s bread and butter in Pakistan. Call any regional or large firms or research agencies and join the based groups. You don’t know how much your views are respected.

4. Complete some survey forms: Similar to focused groups, survey research by providing your opinions is another means of earning money online. These surveys may have to do with products / services or forms of academic research.

5. Recommend and get paid for products / services: earn money online by participation in referrals. Good wages and rewards can be won if you have a good network of people or know someone who could fit perfectly into the role.

6. Ever thought of selling pictures: to do the job, you don’t have to be the famous Tapu Javeri. Missing a picture like coffee cups, road signs, etc. sometimes the most normal and uncommon stuff. These images can be submitted at different sites such as Shutterstock or iStockPhoto.

7. Become a reviewer: we often eat in a restaurant and say’ Oh my, that’s the most tasteless thing I ate,’ or when you use a smartphone you say things like’ I love how the camera works.’ There are a number of websites that actually pay for product reviews. Some people may hire you on multiple review sites to review their own products / services. Amazon and eBay are among the most popular websites.

8. Become a travel agent: No, in order to do that, you will not have to sit in an office. From your home you can book and sell tickets to customers. I used to work for a business travel & tours which employ sales people and let them work from home. You only have to sell the tickets online after all.

9. Arts and crafts: Love stone or crochet jewelry? Are you a smart person? Or are you interested in painting? You can either make stuff at home and sell it online through OLX, Facebook or Instagram’s new boss.

10. Telemarketing: are you good at sales and are you able to communicate in your native language with people in the US, Ireland or UK? Telemarketing can then be the right job for you. Selling their products and services, whether it’s a call or an online chat, reach out to companies looking for a resource like you. Reach your monthly goals and earn basic pay for the sales commission. Earn up to PKR 50,000 per month for 1 lake. TRG Pakistan would be the perfect example to point out here (one of Pakistan’s leading offshore outsourcing BPO companies).

11. Freelancing: Freelancing is the best alternative to blogging. Sites such as Freelancer and Elance offer a number of job posts from which you can pick. From writing articles and scholarly reports to website design, search engine keyword optimization, coding, and mobile app building. Top websites such as Rozee, BrightSpyre, Bayrozgar, Mustakbil, HerCareer put together employers and talent to do what is needed in Pakistan.

12. Work for a publishing house: the best option for women and housewives looking for a career to flourish for them. News publishing houses such as DAWN, Tribune, TheNews and TechJuice are always in search of talented writers with a creative writing flare. Build and apply your profiles today.

13. Academic Write ups: Did you know students are recruiting people around the world to work on their assignments and research projects? Did you graduate recently, or did you do business administration? Why don’t you also support and earn money from these students? Some of these students are prepared to pay 10,000 PKR per assignment. Polish and start your writing skills.

14. Become an account consultant: in Pakistan we have a number of B.Com and MBA graduates. And now there’s a high volume of ACCA students. Not everyone gets to work in Pakistan with the best firms. So why not use those online skills and raise money from home. Advice managers how to manage their accounts, and keep the cash flow good. You can also be a consultant in some other field you are an expert in.

15. Video Tutorials: There are other video platforms that you can use to upload your videos like DailyMotion or Tune.pk with Youtube banned in Pakistan. Test smartphones, tablets or laptops and build videos for image. You can also make some videos from home to earn money.

16. Affiliate Marketing: You can also enter an affiliate network or affiliate relationship with someone (for example, Amazon) once you have a good blog ready and earn money when someone is led to a connection or purchases a product through your site.

17. Design a website: If you are already a designer by profession or you can just register to learn how to design a professional website for short courses. You can create a chance to earn income from home, either way. Small and corporate firms hire freelance designers to work on their websites and logos. And believe me, even freelancers have a brilliant and excellent desig

18. Web development: Universities stress the need to offer advanced web development courses. Students and professionals can use html, CSS and PHP to create a better future for them. Build a website from scratch and use programming languages such as CSS, HTML, and PHP as well as software to earn some good cash.

19. SEO: In Pakistan, the rate of SEO diplomas is high and companies do not prefer to hire them for the same reason. One of the reasons recently given by my CEO was that they have poor English communication and vocabulary that puts an organization in a very bad position. But then there are some experienced SEOs and SEMs who do a tremendous job of raising page ranks and delivering quality results

20. Design a mobile app: Mobile app is the ultimate accessory nowadays for any product or service. It’s one of the highly paid online jobs and if you’re familiar with the creative and unique app design and development process. Well, you just hit the jackpot. Did you know NASA called out all the smartphone app makers a few weeks ago to design an app and win $1500?

My favorite ones are 10, 11 and 12 of all the above. I gave them a profession. All of the above 20 different ways vary from one another. Most of them can be found at Freelancer, Elance, Odesk (aka Upwork) freelancing pages. In contrast, Pakistani work sites employ most of these income sources. OLX Pakistan also has an extensive list of online / internet workers, but not all of them come from reputable businesses or individuals.

Pain Points

  • Be mindful of the locations of the scam. Yeah, you won’t believe, but to hunt you out there are more scamming sites than trustworthy customers paying competitive wages.
  • Make your research work done properly. Don’t be blind, don’t be desperate. Always look for reviews of the site, google the name of your client or the company that he / she represents.
  • Mark yourself a target and explicitly set your job policies. Until getting paid, never work for full in advance, or get paid in advance.
  • Payment gateways from both sides should be agreed. Paypal (not yet allowed in Pakistan but can still be used), Skrill, Payoneer, Bank wire transfer or others; make sure that one of them is agreed by both parties. Do not work outside websites that are freelancing. You might be fooled or avoid that. A friend of mine recently suffered a loss of PKR 100,000 because he made the mistake of communicating with the customer outside Freelancer’s primary source.

If you tried any of the above methods of earning, share your experiences with us. Leave comments to add additional ways to earn money from home online.

Blessed Earning!

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